We have been involved with the “church” for over 35 years, during which time we have been to
several Protestant denominations.  We believe that one must attend the church where you are
being fed by the Spirit.  Rev. Tom is a graduate of the “Education for Ministry” program offered
through the University of the South which is an Episcopal Seminary and was ordained through
United Christian Faith Ministries, which is non-denominational, out of Osage Kansas in 2002.  
Rev. Tom was appointed as an Elder in United Christian Faith Ministries in 2009 and has just
recently been appointed as Bishop by the Council Of Bishops of the UCFM.  Rev. Wendy was
ordained through the United Christian Faith Church after a year of study and examination of the
ordination board.  We have been  youth ministers in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Kansas
and have been volunteer youth directors with the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota.  Rev.
Tom & Rev. Wendy are licensed to officiate at weddings throughout South Dakota, North
Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska and have been officiating at
weddings for 10 years.

They perform religious (non-denominational), spiritual, traditional, contemporary or civil
ceremonies.  We believe the ceremony belongs to the bride and groom and should reflect their
beliefs, culture and traditions, we will officiate weddings inside, outside or in the venue that you
choose and we are available on short notice.  We will do themed weddings as we enjoy a fun
time too.  We will officiate 2nd marriages and the renewal of vows and will also do
baptisms/christenings from infants up, funerals and blessings of animals, homes, etc.

We are available any time after 6:00pm Monday through Friday and any time on Saturday &
Sunday.  We can be available at other times throughout the week with advanced notice.
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